The foundations of EKPA Group of Companies were laid in 1993 in Kırşehir. EKPA, which has shown a sustainable growth with its stable performance since its establishment, shifted its field of activity to Antalya in 2003 and took its place among the respected companies of the city in a short time.


With the assurance of Ekpa İnşaat, a prestigious living center is very soon ... 1207 ANTALYA

Love Nature, Protect the Green!

Natural resources, species living where these resources exist, and we, humans, are interdependent. The life network created by biodiversity enables us to reach safe food, clean water and live healthy. We need the balancing power of protected areas to combat climate change. For healthy ecosystems, species exist. Therefore, we support the protection of the valuable natural areas, wetlands, forests, seas and species of our country. EKPA A.Ş In our projects, we work to ensure that people live a life in harmony with nature.

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    EKPA A.Ş

    The basic vision policy of EKPA construction is to produce buildings in accordance with the social and cultural nature of our developing city and to offer it to our esteemed people. With the support it receives from its customers, it also makes breakthroughs in new business areas.

    EKPA, which will serve you with the same feelings and thoughts in the future as it is today, will continue its projects that will create excitement by applying the developing techniques.

    With my deepest regards.